Wahm bam- ‘Mumpreneur’ is in the dictionary

In the early years of running Chiggs there were a handful of forums where ladies, often Mums, running their own businesses could chat online, swap advice etc in what were known as WaHM (Work at Home Mum) areas of the forum.

Wahm was the watchword- a neat way of defining a group of ladies- Mums- who understood the challenges of running a business from home whilst parenting. At the time, my daughter Holly hadn’t started school, and it was great to be able to ‘chat’ to others who could empathise with the experience of trying to answer the ‘phone to a business client at precisely the time your toddler threw the most enormously noisy tantrum because they had posted their favourite teddy behind the radiator.

But now there is a new word in town, and this one is official!

For the last couple of years, the word ‘Mumpreneur’ has been gaining favour. It’s describing the same demographic group; Mums -entrepeneurs- running their own businesses, often in the baby/children sector. Often it’s a business that has come about as a result of becoming a Mum. It’s a description I’m happy to have applied to me. It was my experience as a mum that made me realise, when I had the idea for the Baby Feed Wheel, how useful it would be to have something to keep a note of baby’s feed times. I remembered writing down all Holly’s feed times on scraps of paper!

Developing this into a business has made me an entrepeneur, and, yes, being a Mum is relevant, so “Mumpreneur”- why not?!

And the Mumpreneur movement continues to gain impetus. Despite it being a bit of a ‘Marmite’ term, there is now a Mumpreneur Conference, Mumpreneur Awards, a Mumpreneur Directory…

And now comes the news that the term Mumpreneur is to make it into the new edition of the Collins English Dictionary. Definition:-  “A woman who combines running a business with looking after her children”.

So, now that the word is out, work at home mums don’t have to keep mum about being a mum. Wahms are Fantastic!

(Apologies to George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley, Pepsi and Shirley!)

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