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Chicken pox : spot-on survival tips!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Most children will get chicken pox at some stage, and it can be a nightmare! It’s horrible to see your little one covered in spots, but there are a few things you can do, as a parent, to relieve some of the symptoms- both over-the-counter remedies, and some that are a little more unusual, but have been recommended to me or that I used when Chiglet had chicken pox.

Basically, you are loking at paracetemol to help the fever, and lotions to help the itching, but I have a couple of other very effective suggestions to help ease the itch!:-

Over-the-counter medicines:-

Chicken pox survival tip 1- a Get Well Wheel

Chicken pox survival tip 1- a Get Well Wheel

Poxclin Coolmousse- this is good if you have a large area of spots to treat, and as it’s a mousse is quite light on the skin- avoiding that ‘crispy pink crust’ type sensation that parents who were treated with lotions and potions in the 1970’s and 1980’s will be familiar with!

ViraSoothe – available as a cooling gel that can be applied two to three times a day for babies from 6 months onwards.

Eurax is great, but for children under 3 it suggests consulting your Doctor before applying.

Calamine lotion (basically calamine and zinc oxide) is the traditional remedy,  once smelt never forgotten!

A couple of alternatives are:-

Oat baths. Fill the end of a pair of tights (a sock or a muslin works, too) with oats (just normal porridge oats), and tie the open end with string or in a knot. Run the water through it, so the bath water turns cloudy. You can also use the sock as a sponge and dab on your childs spots. 

Bicarbonate of soda in bath- this is what really worked for my daughter when she had chicken pox! Instant relief from the itching for the poor little mite 🙂

It may also be useful to clothe your little one in a loose fitting Onesie so they can’t scratch the spots, and keeping fingernails cut short may also help prevent scratching!

Keep track of baby's medicine times, set the 'clock' dial to show when baby is given calpol etc.

Keep track of baby’s medicine times, set the ‘clock’ dial to show when baby is given calpol etc.

Chicken pox is often accompanied by a fever, in which case paracetamol or ibuprofen can help.

Don’t forget your  Baby Medicine Wheel or Get Well Wheel to keep a note of the time you gave the medicine to your child, and you’ll know the time that you can safely give the next dose.

If your child is at school or nursery, let them know that your child is ill in case other children are at risk, and it’s also important to note that people with chicken pox should not travel by air until all the spots have crusted over.





chicken pox survival tips

Parklife! Free events and activities in Leeds Parks over the summer holidays

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Part two of the research I’ve been doing for some family days out for the Chiggs gang over the summer break! Here are more ideas for free family events over the school summer holidays, again focusing on West Yorkshire. The Leeds area has some fantastic parks which are great for days out, and as a bonus many have free event and activity days for children:-

Sat 3rd Aug 1-2pm a guided walk with the Head Gardener at Golden Acre park 6 miles NW of Leeds City Centre at Bramhope

Sat 3rd Aug 10-4pm mini guided family nature walks plus self-led events at Middleton Park (LS10, 3 miles South of Leeds City Centre)

Sun 4th Aug Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel Band 2.30-4.30pm at Middleton Park.

Sun 4 Aug 1  -4pm Meanwood Heritage Walk II at Meanwood Park & The Hollies. The second of three walks exploring the diverse cultural and natural heritage of the Meanwood Valley. (Meet by the Oates Memorial in the car park off Green Road, Meanwood)

Wed 7 Aug 10– Bodgers Camp at Middleton Park. Learn about traditional woodland crafts with workshop sessions on how to make hurdles and besoms. (Requires booking)

Sun 11 Aug 2-4pm Birds of Prey Experience at Middleton Park.

Sun 11 Aug 2- 4pm Treasure Hunt at Hunger Hills Wood. Seek out and find clues by exploring this wooded hillside to get a chance to open the Treasure Chest and win a prize. Meet Hall Lane Horsforth opposite children’s playground in Hall Park

Sun 11 Aug West Yorkshire Brass Band at Pudsey Park 2.30-4.30

Wed 14th August 1-2pm at Pudsey Park.  Book worms story telling club (in the West Leeds Country Park visitors Centre).

Wed 14th and Thurs 15th August Spider Day at Pudsey Park! (I realise this may not appeal to everyone!) 10-4pm each day, celebrating the rare Fen Raft Spider with spider making crafts.

Sun 18 Aug 2- 4 A  Celebration of Dance at Middleton Park, with local dance groups performing on the bandstand.

Sun 18 Aug Wakefield Metropolitan Band at Pudsey Park 2.30-4.30

Tues 20 Aug 7.30 – 9.30pm at Meanwood Park. Creatures of the Night- a talk about local night time wildlife followed by a bat walk in the Park and woodlands. (All the family are welcome)

Sunday 25th August, Go Batty in Middleton Park 7-9.30pm. Learn about bats and go bat walking (take a torch!) with the Yorkshire Bat Group

Sunday 25 Aug Altofts & Normanton Brass Band in Pudsey Park 2.30-4.30

Sun 25th and Mon 26th Aug Potternewton Park the Chapeltown Carnival and Reggae Concert.

Wed 28th August 1-2pm at Pudsey Park.  Book worms story telling club (in the West Leeds Country Park visitors Centre)

Sunday 1st September 2-4 The Gig at Middleton Park Fri 9th Aug 1-3pm

There’s also the Leeds Owl Trail which can be followed at any time. There are twenty five locations across Leeds City Centre marked on the Leeds Owl Trail map- each owl tells you why it’s there and gives you a snapshot of what it’s seen in its lifetime.