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News leak- the bottom line for Huggies nappies

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

In October it was reported in the business pages that Huggies nappies manufacturer Kimberly-Clark were planning to stop making and selling nappies in Europe. The company has sent out emails today to Mums who are members of the Huggies Club to say that  from spring 2013, Huggies nappies will no longer be available to buy in the UK. So if Huggies are your favourite nappies for your little one’s bottoms, you’ll either have to stockpile in the next couple of months, or try some different makes to find a new favourite!

If you’re after a bit of help, Mumsnet has a review section where mums have rated their favourite (or least favourite!) nappies. While you’re on the website, have a look at the great reviews for the Baby Feeding Wheel in the ‘presents for new parents’ section!

A royal baby is announced.

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

St James’s Palace has today made the announcement that William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their first child. Here at Chiggs we are absolutely delighted at the news- we love this royal couple, and since celebrating the Royal Wedding with an enormously enjoyable street party, have been looking forward to news of a royal baby! In fact, I had my very own Mystic Meg moment when I speculated wildly predicted with startling accuracy this very announcement when guest bogging for A Royal Baby last week.

According to the news today, Kate is not yet 12 weeks pregnant, ( the usual time for a pregnancy to be announced) but she has been suffering from acute morning sickness, and has been admitted to the King Edward VII hospital in London. We’re wishing her well- in my experience ‘morning’ sickness is woefully misnamed!

Catherine has gained a reputation for her impeccable dress sense, so we can recommend Chiggs stockist A Beautiful Mummy when she starts shopping for her maternity wardrobe!  Of course when the time comes we will be dispatching the best present for new parents we can find (that would be a  Baby Feed Wheel or two in the appropriate colour or colours!) in the direction of Anglesey. Chiggs- By Appointment to her Majesty the Duchess of Cambridge- now that has a real ring!

Keep the customer satisfied

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

We’ve been selling Chiggs Wheels since 2005, so have plenty of  knowledge of how challenging it can be to get visitors to your website or into your shop! I’m sure that those of you running a shop, be it online or ‘bricks and mortar’ will agree that it makes sense, then, to give those visitors the ‘complete’ customer experience- make them happy and (heck, why not) increase the amount they spend with you.

For example, if a retailer sells presents for a new baby, or new mum gifts, the customers buying these will certainly want to send a card to the new parents, too.

And this is where we at Chiggs can help (bet you knew that was coming, didn’t you?!) Whether a nursery shop, baby boutique, lifestyle store or a party planner, adding the Baby Feed Wheel to your range works a treat. This Chiggs product is a stand-alone, useful parenting product that new parents buy for themselves to help keep track of baby’s feeds- even buying it before the baby is born to add to their hospital bag. As the Baby Feed Wheel also has “to” and “from” printed on the reverse, and is supplied with an envelope so it can be sent as a new baby congratulations card, it can also be offered as an add-on sale to a customer buying a new baby gift. It saves them the effort of finding another shop or website to buy a card- a retailer can both maximise sales, and increase their customer’s shopping experience by saving that customer time and money. Everyone’s happy :-)!!

If you are a retailer who would like to add Chiggs Wheels to your product range, we’ll be delighted to send you our trade price and terms- please get in touch via the trade enquiry form on the Chiggs website.

(PS apologies to both Simon and Garfunkel for plagiarising their song title for the title of this post!)

The story continues…with a dose of medicine

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

In January ’06 we went on a family holiday with some friends and their baby boy to Centre Parcs. I’d made a couple of appointments at the end of the trip to visit card and gift shops in the Penrith area to show them the Baby Feed Wheels and see if they’d like to sell them, so had taken a stock of the cards (bear with me, this is relevant to the next bit!)

While we were on our break, our friends’ little boy started teething, and they were giving him Calpol to help take the discomfort away. I offered the use of one of our sample Baby Feed Wheels (told you that was relevant) to set the dial and note the times of his medicine so they’d know when the four hours were up, and he could safely be given the next dose.

As soon as we came home I began the search for a suitable embellishment to use (finding the smiling fabric teddy bear) and I was back in contact with the Patent office, with my second invention, the Baby Medicine Wheel!

When designing this gadget, I went for a neutral white so it would be suitable for baby boys or girls, and decided to supply it with an envelope so as well as parents buying it to use themselves, it could easily be bought for, and sent to, a friend with a poorly baby. Like all Chiggs Wheels, it’s supplied sealed in a cellophane wrapper -because it looks good for customers, and helps our stockists store and display them (we really do try to think of everything!)

It’s one thing having an idea, but…

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

So I had the idea – now what to do? I had no experience of running a business, or of bringing a brand new, never before seen parenting product to market. My previous job of Air Stewardess hadn’t given me business experience – manning an emergency exit, yes, but product development, patents, production, branding, sales and marketing… not so much!

There was an uphill task ahead, but I knew the idea of the Baby Feed Wheel was too good not to take further, so spent the next couple of months researching, researching and researching some more. By November, I had finalised the design, and adding “To” and “From” on the back of the card turned a really useful baby product into a really useful baby product that can also be sent as a new baby gift or present for new parents; just as I had originally made for my friend in October.

Once the design was finalised, embellishment selected (a shiny silver pram) and colours chosen (blue for a boy, pink for a girl, and neutral lemon), I made a prototype and contacted the Patent Office.

This was quite a scary moment, as although I was sure through my research the idea was unique, applying for a patent would be the moment of truth. When I spoke to a very nice man at the Patent Office, and described the Baby Feed Wheel, he said “I don’t think we have a category for this” so he made one!

That’s when I knew the Baby Feed Wheel was unique.