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New Year, new business?

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Here at Chiggs we’ve been around for a while now (some may say it shows!) and we find that the New Year leads to an increase in the number of enquiries we receive about our products.

Baby feeding product

The majority of our business is supplying our baby feeding products, medicine timers and greeting cards to a variety of retailers- we have some information about our trade and wholesale terms on the (you guessed it!) ‘Trade and Wholesale‘ page on the Chiggs website. All but the trade price is detailed there, and interested parties are invited to fill in the trade enquiry form to send us a message. We will, in turn, reply with not only the trade price, but a lovely email with pictures and everything.

Many people must make a  New Year Resolution to start their own business, or even just to find new products for a business they are already running, as we always see a spike in trade requests in January. And with this in mind, we are delighted to announce that we have a grand total of not one, not two, but three new stockists this month!

Medicine Timers

Medicine Timers

In the last few days we have sent out orders to Oh Nappy Days (what a great name!) who make some incredible crib and even motorcycle shaped nappy cakes;  Clickandbuygifts, a onestop online gift shop, and Little Tiddlywinks ltd whose fabulous tiered nappy cakes are works of art. We are delighted that these lovely businesses have chosen to add Chiggs Wheels to their product ranges!

Keeping costs down? VAT chance of that!

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

My New Year’s resolution is to blog about Chiggs more, and first up is.. the recent VAT rise. I know, I know, it’s not the most thrilling of topics 🙂 but it’s something that had led to me poring over more pages of figures than at any time since my time at Uni when I studied Economics!

Chiggs trades under the VAT threshold, so we are not VAT registered- this means we can’t claim VAT back, but we do of course have to pay the tax on everything we buy in the business. So, as you can imagine, an increase in costs of 2.5% has led to fair bit of number crunching- the Chiggs calculator is often seen with smoke coming out of it.

Chiggs Wheels are printed in the UK, and we use UK companies for other components such as the envelopes we supply with the cards and the cellophane wrappers they are sealed in, the postage boxes and padded envelopes we post orders in, even the sticky pads the embellishments are stuck on with ( from a very nice company just down the road  in Bradford).  This is something we’re very proud of, hoping that in it’s own little way Chiggs is supporting other UK businesses. However, a downside to our patriotism is that we have been hit by a whack with VAT!

Despite my moaning (memo to self, make another New Year’s resolution not to moan so much) we’re absorbing the increased costs, and are keeping the price of Chiggs Wheels on the website shop at £3.99 (free P&P). Likewise, our wholesale price for businesses placing trade orders is also remaining the same.