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Hallmark will stop manufacturing greeting cards in Bradford

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Bradford based business Hallmark have announced that they are outsourcing production of their greeting cards to the Far East. This is a huge blow to the city, as it will result in the loss of around 300 jobs by the end of 2014.

Hallmark UK has been based in Bradford for over 30 years, and employs about 1,000 people in the city; this news means  that it will become even harder to buy greeting cards that are made in the UK.

There are, however, still a number of UK based card publishers- often the smaller independent publishers like Chiggs- who do still make their greeting cards in the UK, providing jobs and supporting the UK economy. I think it’s worth looking for a ‘printed in the UK’ label- I’ve written before about my hope that there will be a change in consumer buying, with customers actively looking to buy goods that are Made in the UK in an article published in Nursery Industry magazine.

So the moral of this blog post?  Support British Business! Buy UK made greeting cards! I just happen to know where you can get some…. 🙂

We are very proud that Chiggs Wheels are all printed in the UK, and over the last 8 years we have been wonderfully supported by the family printing business who supply all our Wheels. A Bradford company make the envelopes and cellophane pockets we use, and even the ‘high-tac’ sticky pads used to secure the embellishments to our hand– finished ‘new baby’ and ‘get well soon cards’ are from a business in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

New baby congratulations cards

New baby congratulations cards

Greeting Chiggs stockists.

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

We have had a real variety of wholesale orders so far this year; re-orders from our regular retailers and we also have some brand new stockists of Chiggs Wheels.

The ‘Stockists’ page on the Chiggs website has been updated. This page  lists our retailers, ‘bricks and mortar’ shops county by county, and also has  ‘jump’ links to our international stockists, and to the online retailers who also sell Chiggs Wheels.  This is an incredibly diverse range of companies, including businesses offering baby gifts, greeting cards, children’s clothing, new baby hampers, nappy cakes and baby shower goodies. Phew!

New retailers to join the Chiggs family since our last stockist update in January include Smartieprints who specialise in personalised gifts, Lemon House Gifts, based in Preston, and Baby Cakes to Celebrate have added Baby Feed Wheels and Baby Medicine Wheels to their range.

A new shop recently opened up in Darlington, County Durham, Love Style Home, are selling Baby Feed Wheel ‘new baby’ congratulations cards and also the Get Well Wheel ‘get well soon’ cards.

We’ve also made deliveries to fellow Yorkshire businesses recently, Pots 2 Go ceramic cafe here in Harrogate (pictured above), Appleby Cards and Gifts in Otley, and Magpie Greetings (also in Harrogate, and incidentally our very first stockist way back in 2006!) have all reordered Chiggs Wheels for the delectation of their customers.

If you would like to sell Chiggs Wheels through your business, have a look at our Trade and Wholesale page, and either fill in the trade enquiry form or send us an email for more information. We’d love to hear from you!

What do I need to buy for a new baby?

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

As a first time Mum-to-be it’s difficult deciding what sort of baby items you will need when baby is born, and how much you should buy! Baby essentially needs something to wear, nappies, somewhere to sleep,  something to eat , and something to go out and about with.

To Wear-



Hat (summer or winter depending when baby is due!)


Gorgeous as they are to buy, I would avoid buying  fancy outfits before baby is born- you may well get a lot as presents, and it’s more fun buying them when you know (for sure!) whether baby is a boy or girl, and what size he/she is!


Newborn nappies (disposable or ‘real’ cloth nappies)

Wipes, cotton wool or reusable wipes.

Change mat

newborn essentials

Somewhere for baby to sleep-

Moses Basket or bedside cot


Sleeping bags

Something to eat-

Baby Feed Wheel to keep note of baby’s feed times

If formula feeding, or planning to express – bottles and a steriliser (or plastic tub and sterilising tablets to start with)

If breastfeeding- breastfeeding pillow, Pads, breastfeeding bra.

Breast pumps can often be borrowed from sure start centres if required (and to see how you get on with it)

Muslin squares (useful in many ways!)

Something to go out and about in-

A car seat (if you have a car)

A sling and/or pram or buggy

Change bag

For you-

Maternity pads

Biiig underwear (I didn’t like disposable knickers and bought a lot of very cheap undies in a big size)

Arnica Witch hazel

Lansinoh nipple cream

A stock of food that is easy to reheat

Different babies like different things (playmats, baby nest, bouncers etc) so either try to borrow from a friend (even short term to give it a try and see if it’s a purchase you’d like to make) or buy secondhand. Personally- I liked my changing table, (saved back ache!), baby bath (one with a little plug at the bottom for easy emptying), moses basket (Chiglet was a small baby and we used it for ages),  nappy wrapper (although I know opinion on these is divided!) and baby monitor.

Now, it’s been rather a while since I’ve been  buying baby equipment, so what do you think to my list? About right or wide of the mark?

Conception to Age 2

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

A report is due to be published tomorrow recommending that new mothers should be interviewed to see about how they are coping with parenthood in order to help them bond better with their babies. 

Government ministers have backed the proposals, under which health visitors will offer all mothers-to-be two interviews, one during pregnancy and a second when their babies are three to four months old. Mothers are free to opt out.

The first interview will try to establish if there are any difficult circumstances at home; relationship problems, heavy drinking, or if Conception to Age 2the mother appears ambivalent about the new baby.

A postnatal interview will also be offered, looking at quality of interaction between the mother and baby. The report’s authors say that for many mums, this will be a confidence-building exercise to reinforce a strong bond, but that any parent who is clearly struggling would be referred to a specialist service.

A third follow-up interview could be held with parents considered to be having difficulty interacting with their baby would take place when baby is 12 to 15 months old.

The report, due out tomorrow is called Conception to Age 2 — The Age of Opportunity, and has been written by two experts on early development. It has the support of the Department for Education and Department of Health, and its findings have been endorsed by Elizabeth Truss, the Children’s Minister.

My questions- but will it actually work in practice? Many parents I know rarely receive the letter inviting them to their baby’s 12 month check-up before the baby is approaching 18 months old.

What will happen to the information given? Would a parent-to-be disclose information about, eg, a family member drinking heavily if that information would be kept on record?

And appropriately enough on Budget Day- where will the funding come from?  

Let’s stick together (Ad here…)

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

I wrote about the CANParenting scheme here on the Chiggs blog back in May 2012, and now I hear news of a new scheme aimed at parents, this time focusing on the strain that a new baby can place on parent’s relationships.

Originally based in the Bristol area of the UK, ‘Let’s stick together’ provides one hour advice sessions as part of antenatal and postnatal groups.

The sessions highlight 3 principles for parents- bad habits, good habits and friendship. Parents are encouraged to recognise the bad habits that a couple coping with a new baby can fall into, using the ‘STOP’ signs- Scoring points, Thinking the worst, Opting out and Putting down.

The programme was originally set up by a former Royal Navy helicopter pilot, a father of 6 with a psychology degree, and has proved successful enough to secure half a million pounds worth of funding from the Department for Education.

Let’s stick together is being taken over by Care for the Family, which has a national network, so programmes have already started in the South West, West Midlands and Bedfordshire before expanding across the UK in the summer.

More information can be found at