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Pregnancy yoga is a stress buster.

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

A study from the universities of Newcastle and Manchester has found that Yoga can cut the risk of stress in pregnant women.

The study, thought to be the first of its kind,  followed 59 women in their first pregnancy. Divided into two groups,  they were assigned either an eight-week course of yoga or “treatment as usual”.

The 31 women in the yoga group took one session of hatha yoga every week. This is a gentle, basic, slow-paced stretching class with simple breathing exercises and seated meditation. Before the first session, they were asked to measure their general mood on a scale where more than 39 meant “high anxiety”. After the first week, their average score had fallen from 37 to 25. Their levels of the stress hormone cortisol also went down, by 14 per cent.

As  Antenatal stress has been linked to premature birth and developmental problems after the baby is born, it has been suggested that free yoga classes on the NHS for mothers-to-be would help reduce the costs of longer-term healthcare for the women and babies.

Conception to Age 2

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

A report is due to be published tomorrow recommending that new mothers should be interviewed to see about how they are coping with parenthood in order to help them bond better with their babies. 

Government ministers have backed the proposals, under which health visitors will offer all mothers-to-be two interviews, one during pregnancy and a second when their babies are three to four months old. Mothers are free to opt out.

The first interview will try to establish if there are any difficult circumstances at home; relationship problems, heavy drinking, or if Conception to Age 2the mother appears ambivalent about the new baby.

A postnatal interview will also be offered, looking at quality of interaction between the mother and baby. The report’s authors say that for many mums, this will be a confidence-building exercise to reinforce a strong bond, but that any parent who is clearly struggling would be referred to a specialist service.

A third follow-up interview could be held with parents considered to be having difficulty interacting with their baby would take place when baby is 12 to 15 months old.

The report, due out tomorrow is called Conception to Age 2 — The Age of Opportunity, and has been written by two experts on early development. It has the support of the Department for Education and Department of Health, and its findings have been endorsed by Elizabeth Truss, the Children’s Minister.

My questions- but will it actually work in practice? Many parents I know rarely receive the letter inviting them to their baby’s 12 month check-up before the baby is approaching 18 months old.

What will happen to the information given? Would a parent-to-be disclose information about, eg, a family member drinking heavily if that information would be kept on record?

And appropriately enough on Budget Day- where will the funding come from?