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All the right words, just not necessarily in the right order!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Ah, the perils of Google translate!

I have alerts set up with Google to let me know when terms such as ‘Baby Feed Wheel’, ‘Baby Medicine Wheel’ ‘Get Well Wheel’ ‘Chiggs’ etc etc are mentioned on the web, and I had a corker pop into my inbox recently. Looking into it, this is from a website that has been set up (by a non-English speaker!) to use a lot of keywords and get people to visit the site and click on adverts. Not a problem, there are a lot of them about, but it looks like this one has lobbed our description of the Baby Feed Wheel into a translation tool, with a rather interesting result…

What’s a Youngster Feed Wheel?
The Baby Feed Wheel is a really useful nursery merchandise for model spanking new mom and father that helps them keep monitor of baby’s boy’s feeding events – merely flip the numbered dial to doc the time when baby has his or her milk feed. Whether or not or not by way of the sleep interrupted night time time time, or the sleep deprived daytime when there are so many totally different points to think about, the Youngster Feed Wheel provides a clear reminder of the time of your Youngster’s Boy’s remaining feed.

Youngster Feed Wheel :-)

Youngster Feed Wheel 🙂

schedule schmedule

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The Baby Feed Wheel is not about scheduling the time of your baby’s next feed- it’s simply about quickly and easily keeping a note of the time of baby’s last milk feed.

When I was breastfeeding  Holly, like many, many Mums (whether breastfeeding or bottlefeeding) I would jot down her feed times on scraps of paper (which I would promptly misplace). This, of course was before the Baby Feed Wheel existed, and I was a first time mum wanting to feel even a tiny bit organised in dealing with this little person!

It’s every mum’s choice whether she feeds on demand or follows a routine (either her own or her baby’s!), and when demand feeding sometimes you just need to know what baby is demanding! Babies cry because they’re too hot/ too cold/ tired/ need a nappy change and of course when they are hungry. The Baby Feed Wheel can help with the latter, and can also help you recognise if your baby is having a ‘growth spurt’ and feeding more often.