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If you can’t remember whether you took your pills this morning…

Monday, May 16th, 2016

…don’t worry: soon your medicine will be able to answer the question for you. I’ll admit, when I first read an article in The Times newspaper with this headline that went on to say pills will “soon be able to tell if you have taken them”, I checked the top of the paper to see if the date was the 1st of April!

A US company, Proteus Digital Health, has developed a tiny sensor the size of a grain of sand that sends out a signal when ingested. The minuscule device, which can be attached to pills, contains a silicon circuit that transmits a signal to a patch worn by the patient. The patch will then contain a record of the dates and times when people take their medication.

*Science alert!* The sensor gets it’s power source from a coating of copper on one side and magnesium on the other. When these enter the gut they get wet and, as in a battery, the metals act as an anode and cathode and cause a charge to pass.

It all sound very high-tech and futuristic! Obviously keeping track of your medicine times is very important, so if you can’t wait for this technology to become available, we have the perfect solution.. the Get Well Wheel.

Just turn the dial to record the time you take your medicine. No science, no patch required!

No science, no batteries required… no problem!




Chicken pox : spot-on survival tips!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Most children will get chicken pox at some stage, and it can be a nightmare! It’s horrible to see your little one covered in spots, but there are a few things you can do, as a parent, to relieve some of the symptoms- both over-the-counter remedies, and some that are a little more unusual, but have been recommended to me or that I used when Chiglet had chicken pox.

Basically, you are loking at paracetemol to help the fever, and lotions to help the itching, but I have a couple of other very effective suggestions to help ease the itch!:-

Over-the-counter medicines:-

Chicken pox survival tip 1- a Get Well Wheel

Chicken pox survival tip 1- a Get Well Wheel

Poxclin Coolmousse- this is good if you have a large area of spots to treat, and as it’s a mousse is quite light on the skin- avoiding that ‘crispy pink crust’ type sensation that parents who were treated with lotions and potions in the 1970’s and 1980’s will be familiar with!

ViraSoothe – available as a cooling gel that can be applied two to three times a day for babies from 6 months onwards.

Eurax is great, but for children under 3 it suggests consulting your Doctor before applying.

Calamine lotion (basically calamine and zinc oxide) is the traditional remedy,  once smelt never forgotten!

A couple of alternatives are:-

Oat baths. Fill the end of a pair of tights (a sock or a muslin works, too) with oats (just normal porridge oats), and tie the open end with string or in a knot. Run the water through it, so the bath water turns cloudy. You can also use the sock as a sponge and dab on your childs spots. 

Bicarbonate of soda in bath- this is what really worked for my daughter when she had chicken pox! Instant relief from the itching for the poor little mite 🙂

It may also be useful to clothe your little one in a loose fitting Onesie so they can’t scratch the spots, and keeping fingernails cut short may also help prevent scratching!

Keep track of baby's medicine times, set the 'clock' dial to show when baby is given calpol etc.

Keep track of baby’s medicine times, set the ‘clock’ dial to show when baby is given calpol etc.

Chicken pox is often accompanied by a fever, in which case paracetamol or ibuprofen can help.

Don’t forget your  Baby Medicine Wheel or Get Well Wheel to keep a note of the time you gave the medicine to your child, and you’ll know the time that you can safely give the next dose.

If your child is at school or nursery, let them know that your child is ill in case other children are at risk, and it’s also important to note that people with chicken pox should not travel by air until all the spots have crusted over.





chicken pox survival tips

Tixylix cough and cold medicine recall

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Tixylix , paediatric liquid cough and cold medicines

Novartis Consumer Health UK Ltd have announced that it is recalling certain batches of Tixylix paediatric liquid cough and cold medicines, because of a potential manufacturing defect with the tamper seal that could result in small pieces of plastic being found in the bottles.

  • Tixylix Toddler Syrup 100ml
  • Tixylix Toddler Syrup 150ml
  • Tixylix Baby Syrup 100ml
  • Tixylix Blackcurrant Flavour Syrup 100ml
  • Tixylix Chesty Cough 100ml

What customers should do :-

Consumers are asked to return these products to the place of purchase for a refund. These medicines were on sale in a variety of supermarkets, including Tesco and Sainsburys.

Contact details:-

Anyone with concerns or requiring further information about batch numbers (found on the bottle label next to the expiry date) or how to return the products and receive a full refund, can contact the consumer enquiries team on 0800 854 100 or by visiting

A product recall for Boots own brand children’s medicines was also issued recently- details on the Chiggs blog here

Baby Medicine Wheel


Friday, November 9th, 2012

It’s that time of year again- you’ve got flu, you’re a bit feverish, yet  have to take your flu remedy tablets every 4 hours. It’s a nightmare to remember what time you took them and when you can safely dose yourself up with the next lot!

This is where the Get Well Wheel is a godsend:-

Take tablets (lots of water!)

Set the numbers on the dial to show the time your flu medicine was taken

Pop your Get Well Wheel on the mantelpiece or bedside table.


Each card is supplied with an envelope, so you can write a little get well soon message on the back and post it as a card or pressie to someone who’s feeling under the weather.

There are 3 embellishments to choose from, a red hot water bottle, pretty pink hottie-bottle or orange flower with green leaf design. Available for just £4.20 (free delivery!) from the Chiggs shop. It’s brilliant to add to a get well soon hamper and as with all Chiggs Wheels available at wholesale prices. Fill in our trade enquiry form for a trade price and information.

‘Right dose, right time’ – changes to Paracetamol dose guidelines for babies and children

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Children’s medicines are in the news again today, as a report on the Telegraph website says that parents should be cutting down on the doses of Paracetamol, such as Calpol, they give young children.

Until recently guidelines on bottles of childrens medicines suggested the same dose for children aged from 12 months to six years. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has now revised these recommendations, saying that with the “very wide age bands …younger children may have received a dose of paracetamol that was higher than necessary”.

The MHRA suggested that dosing be split into tighter age bands, reflecting the differences in weight and bodily development between a one-year-old baby and a six-year-old child, and given new recommended doses for children aged between 2 and 4. Doses have also been altered for babies, and the new guidelines have been incorporated on product packaging.

Chiggs recommends that for real peace of mind, parents also make sure they have a Baby Medicine Wheel or a Get Well Wheel close at hand. When the medicine is given (in the correct new dose of course!) parents can turn the dial to make a note of the time, and that way they can give the right dose of medicine, at the right time!


Get Well Soon, flower

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

We are delighted to introduce our new style Get Well Wheel,  developed in response to stockists getting in touch and asking for a funky addition to the range, for children or teenagers (ie those who are between the teddy bear on the Baby Medicine Wheel and the hot water bottle of the original Get Well Wheel!)

Get well soon flower embellishment

Get well soon card with flower embellishment

Supplied with it’s own envelope, and sealed in a cellophane wrapper this is a beautiful ‘get well soon’ card, and with it’s numbered dial to keep note of medicine times, it’s also truly useful!

The green and orange layered flower and leaf embellishment complements the cream coloured card, and as with all Chiggs Wheels, the new ‘flower’ Get Well Wheel is printed and handfinished in the UK.

So, if you’re looking for an innovative Get Well Soon greeting card, The flower Get Well Wheel is available from the online shop on the Chiggs website for just £3.99 (with free postage and packing)  and of course is available at wholesale for stockists old and new.

We’ll be adding to the range of embellishments in the Get Well Wheel range, so let us know what you’d like to see!

set the numbered dial to record the time you take medicine, and you'll know when the next dose of tablets are due!

Musings on Medicine

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I read in The Times newspaper this morning that parents are being warned not to give childen medicine with a teaspoon. This follows a study published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice that found that teaspoons can hold anything between 2.5ml and 7.3ml of medicine. As recommended doses are usually 1 or 2 lots of 5ml (depending on the medicine and the age of the child), using any old teaspoon from the cutlery drawer could put children at risk of an overdose. So it’s being recommended that parent make sure they use the 5ml measuring spoons usually provided, or a measuring syringe.

Children’s medicines such as Calpol, etc, also have a recommended time to wait between doses, usually 4 hours, and you have to adhere to these times, again to avoid overdosing. Which is why I designed the Baby Medicine Wheel (and Get Well Wheel for older children). You just rotate the numbered dial to the time the medicine is given, and you’ll know when the next dose can safely be administered.

If you’re looking after a poorly child (my sympathies, I’ve been there!) and would like the peace of mind a Baby Medicine Wheel (or Get Well Wheel) can give, they are available for a mere £3.99 (UK Postage and Packing is included in that price) from the Chiggs online shop or from some of our many stockists.

Only slightly off topic, I remember the first time I gave Holly medicine using a syringe. I didn’t realise how powerfully they can squirt, so I popped it into her mouth, firmly pushed the plunger, and wondered why she had a bit of a shocked look on her little face. I assummed it was something to do with her first taste of medicine- it was only when I was washing the syringe and saw the power of the jet of water squirt out that I realised why Holly had looked so startled!

Where we are now

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The Chiggs Wheels range was completed (for now- watch this space, as I’m always working on new ideas!) with the Get Well Wheel. My husband Andrew’s Gran asked to have a Baby Medicine Wheel so she could use it to keep track of the cholesterol tablets she takes on a daily basis. Even during the design process for the Baby Medicine Wheel I realised that the concept would be useful for everyone, and Grandma Winnie’s request spurred me on!

The design of the Get Well Wheel actually took longer than the other Wheels, mainly because I got fixated with a

Sorry you’re ill

Time of Last Pill

rhyming couplet which, frankly, was never going to fit on the front of the card, and also because for a while I couldn’t find an embellishment I was happy with.

Eventually it all clicked into place, with the Get Well Wheel designed as a neutral cream card with a red hot water bottle embellishment, and ‘Time of Last medicine’ printed on the front. To appeal to our greeting card shop stockists who sell the Baby Feed Wheel as a (useful!) new baby congratulations card, the Get Well Wheel is supplied with an envelope so that it’s a (useful!) get well soon card- far more practical than a bunch of grapes!

While designing and developing these new products to increase the Chiggs range, we have continued to focus on the wholesale and trade side of the business. Features in trade magazines such as Gift Focus Magazine (pictured below)  launching the Get Well Wheel have helped us build up the number of greeting card shops selling Chiggs Wheels, adding to the nursery/baby shops and online retailers already selling our products.

The story continues…with a dose of medicine

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

In January ’06 we went on a family holiday with some friends and their baby boy to Centre Parcs. I’d made a couple of appointments at the end of the trip to visit card and gift shops in the Penrith area to show them the Baby Feed Wheels and see if they’d like to sell them, so had taken a stock of the cards (bear with me, this is relevant to the next bit!)

While we were on our break, our friends’ little boy started teething, and they were giving him Calpol to help take the discomfort away. I offered the use of one of our sample Baby Feed Wheels (told you that was relevant) to set the dial and note the times of his medicine so they’d know when the four hours were up, and he could safely be given the next dose.

As soon as we came home I began the search for a suitable embellishment to use (finding the smiling fabric teddy bear) and I was back in contact with the Patent office, with my second invention, the Baby Medicine Wheel!

When designing this gadget, I went for a neutral white so it would be suitable for baby boys or girls, and decided to supply it with an envelope so as well as parents buying it to use themselves, it could easily be bought for, and sent to, a friend with a poorly baby. Like all Chiggs Wheels, it’s supplied sealed in a cellophane wrapper -because it looks good for customers, and helps our stockists store and display them (we really do try to think of everything!)