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Buy British Day – Discount on to celebrate!

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Saturday, the 1st of October 2016, has been designated as ‘Buy British Day’.
The hashtag #BuyBritishDay will be used to promote products Made in the UK, and lots of British-made brands will be supporting the occasion and offering special discounts.

New baby congratulations cards


As you know, Chiggs Wheels are very proudly printed and hand finished in the UK, so to celebrate Buy British Day we will be offering a 10% discount on purchases made on the Chiggs online shop. There is, of course, a magic word… and the word is “Harrogate”. Just pop it in the ‘promotional code’ box at the checkout page, and 10% will magically disappear from the cost of your order 🙂

Medicine timers

Hallmark will stop manufacturing greeting cards in Bradford

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Bradford based business Hallmark have announced that they are outsourcing production of their greeting cards to the Far East. This is a huge blow to the city, as it will result in the loss of around 300 jobs by the end of 2014.

Hallmark UK has been based in Bradford for over 30 years, and employs about 1,000 people in the city; this news means  that it will become even harder to buy greeting cards that are made in the UK.

There are, however, still a number of UK based card publishers- often the smaller independent publishers like Chiggs- who do still make their greeting cards in the UK, providing jobs and supporting the UK economy. I think it’s worth looking for a ‘printed in the UK’ label- I’ve written before about my hope that there will be a change in consumer buying, with customers actively looking to buy goods that are Made in the UK in an article published in Nursery Industry magazine.

So the moral of this blog post?  Support British Business! Buy UK made greeting cards! I just happen to know where you can get some…. 🙂

We are very proud that Chiggs Wheels are all printed in the UK, and over the last 8 years we have been wonderfully supported by the family printing business who supply all our Wheels. A Bradford company make the envelopes and cellophane pockets we use, and even the ‘high-tac’ sticky pads used to secure the embellishments to our hand– finished ‘new baby’ and ‘get well soon cards’ are from a business in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

New baby congratulations cards

New baby congratulations cards

Chiggs in print!

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Nursery Industry Trade Magazine

I’m very excited to have become a published author (ooh, maybe something else I could put on my business card?!) with an article in the ‘Viewpoint’ section of Nursery Industry magazine, a monthly trade mag for the baby and nursery industry.

The article ‘Can the Union Jack boost the flagging economy’ (geddit?) expresses the hope that the patriotism and pride in Britain that we are seeing so much more of this year, will lead to a change in consumer buying- with customers actively looking to buy goods that are Made in the UK.

I was driving my daughter to her cricket match a couple of days ago, in a gorgeous little North Yorkshire village that was festooned in red white and blue bunting- it all looked wonderful! As the UK hangs out the bunting to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympic games, I hope that the happy patriotism helps people realise that if they buy UK made products, they can help boost the British economy.

I’m very proud that Chiggs Wheels are all printed in the UK. The envelope each is supplied with, and cellophane the Wheels are lovingly enclosed in are made very local to us, in Bradford. Even the little stickers used in the ‘handmade’ process to attach the embellishments are from a business in Shipley, West Yorkshire, just round the corner from where my husband was born. We do like to keep things local!

Just like throwing a pebble in a pond, as I sell my Wheels to the lovely independent businesses who sell baby goods and greeting cards to the public, so I place orders with my UK suppliers, and the economic benefits spead outwards. If the buying public and retailers make an effort to buy British, maybe the legacy of the summer of 2012 could be a boost for british business?

Keeping costs down? VAT chance of that!

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

My New Year’s resolution is to blog about Chiggs more, and first up is.. the recent VAT rise. I know, I know, it’s not the most thrilling of topics 🙂 but it’s something that had led to me poring over more pages of figures than at any time since my time at Uni when I studied Economics!

Chiggs trades under the VAT threshold, so we are not VAT registered- this means we can’t claim VAT back, but we do of course have to pay the tax on everything we buy in the business. So, as you can imagine, an increase in costs of 2.5% has led to fair bit of number crunching- the Chiggs calculator is often seen with smoke coming out of it.

Chiggs Wheels are printed in the UK, and we use UK companies for other components such as the envelopes we supply with the cards and the cellophane wrappers they are sealed in, the postage boxes and padded envelopes we post orders in, even the sticky pads the embellishments are stuck on with ( from a very nice company just down the road  in Bradford).  This is something we’re very proud of, hoping that in it’s own little way Chiggs is supporting other UK businesses. However, a downside to our patriotism is that we have been hit by a whack with VAT!

Despite my moaning (memo to self, make another New Year’s resolution not to moan so much) we’re absorbing the increased costs, and are keeping the price of Chiggs Wheels on the website shop at £3.99 (free P&P). Likewise, our wholesale price for businesses placing trade orders is also remaining the same.