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Baby’s feed time? It’s in the (hospital) bag!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

I’ve been reading a fascinating discussion on the Bounty Club Facebook page- ‘what should you pack in your Hospital Bag?’. It was a hugely popular topic- lots and lots of new mums shared their ‘should take this’ and ‘don’t need that’ tips, while mums-to-be described the contents of  bags lurking in halls across the country waiting to be grabbed excitedly and rushed to the labour ward.

There are over 230 comments, and if you packed every item suggested by everyone, you would need a fork-lift truck to wheel your hospital bag into the delivery suite!

Obviously, some must-have items varied according to circumstance; mums who’d given birth in winter suggested blankets and socks to keep feet warm while in labour, and mums of summer babies suggested cooling face spray and a hand held fan!

One mum who had recently had a baby suggested to the pregnant ladies that they should pack a notepad and pen so they could note down baby’s feed times- she said it was always embarassing when the midwife would come round the ward and ask what time her baby had last fed, and she couldn’t remember.

Solution:- a far easier way to keep a note of the time your baby has a feed is a Baby Feed Wheel! No worrying about your pen rolling under the bed or running out of ink- just turn the dial so the time baby has a feed shows in the ‘window’ and you’ll always have the answer when the midwife comes round to check on baby’s feeds.

I hereby nominate the Chiggs Baby Feed Wheel as an essential item to pack in a hospital bag!

Wahm bam- ‘Mumpreneur’ is in the dictionary

Friday, October 7th, 2011

In the early years of running Chiggs there were a handful of forums where ladies, often Mums, running their own businesses could chat online, swap advice etc in what were known as WaHM (Work at Home Mum) areas of the forum.

Wahm was the watchword- a neat way of defining a group of ladies- Mums- who understood the challenges of running a business from home whilst parenting. At the time, my daughter Holly hadn’t started school, and it was great to be able to ‘chat’ to others who could empathise with the experience of trying to answer the ‘phone to a business client at precisely the time your toddler threw the most enormously noisy tantrum because they had posted their favourite teddy behind the radiator.

But now there is a new word in town, and this one is official!

For the last couple of years, the word ‘Mumpreneur’ has been gaining favour. It’s describing the same demographic group; Mums -entrepeneurs- running their own businesses, often in the baby/children sector. Often it’s a business that has come about as a result of becoming a Mum. It’s a description I’m happy to have applied to me. It was my experience as a mum that made me realise, when I had the idea for the Baby Feed Wheel, how useful it would be to have something to keep a note of baby’s feed times. I remembered writing down all Holly’s feed times on scraps of paper!

Developing this into a business has made me an entrepeneur, and, yes, being a Mum is relevant, so “Mumpreneur”- why not?!

And the Mumpreneur movement continues to gain impetus. Despite it being a bit of a ‘Marmite’ term, there is now a Mumpreneur Conference, Mumpreneur Awards, a Mumpreneur Directory…

And now comes the news that the term Mumpreneur is to make it into the new edition of the Collins English Dictionary. Definition:-  “A woman who combines running a business with looking after her children”.

So, now that the word is out, work at home mums don’t have to keep mum about being a mum. Wahms are Fantastic!

(Apologies to George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley, Pepsi and Shirley!)

Keep the customer satisfied

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

We’ve been selling Chiggs Wheels since 2005, so have plenty of  knowledge of how challenging it can be to get visitors to your website or into your shop! I’m sure that those of you running a shop, be it online or ‘bricks and mortar’ will agree that it makes sense, then, to give those visitors the ‘complete’ customer experience- make them happy and (heck, why not) increase the amount they spend with you.

For example, if a retailer sells presents for a new baby, or new mum gifts, the customers buying these will certainly want to send a card to the new parents, too.

And this is where we at Chiggs can help (bet you knew that was coming, didn’t you?!) Whether a nursery shop, baby boutique, lifestyle store or a party planner, adding the Baby Feed Wheel to your range works a treat. This Chiggs product is a stand-alone, useful parenting product that new parents buy for themselves to help keep track of baby’s feeds- even buying it before the baby is born to add to their hospital bag. As the Baby Feed Wheel also has “to” and “from” printed on the reverse, and is supplied with an envelope so it can be sent as a new baby congratulations card, it can also be offered as an add-on sale to a customer buying a new baby gift. It saves them the effort of finding another shop or website to buy a card- a retailer can both maximise sales, and increase their customer’s shopping experience by saving that customer time and money. Everyone’s happy :-)!!

If you are a retailer who would like to add Chiggs Wheels to your product range, we’ll be delighted to send you our trade price and terms- please get in touch via the trade enquiry form on the Chiggs website.

(PS apologies to both Simon and Garfunkel for plagiarising their song title for the title of this post!)

schedule schmedule

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The Baby Feed Wheel is not about scheduling the time of your baby’s next feed- it’s simply about quickly and easily keeping a note of the time of baby’s last milk feed.

When I was breastfeeding  Holly, like many, many Mums (whether breastfeeding or bottlefeeding) I would jot down her feed times on scraps of paper (which I would promptly misplace). This, of course was before the Baby Feed Wheel existed, and I was a first time mum wanting to feel even a tiny bit organised in dealing with this little person!

It’s every mum’s choice whether she feeds on demand or follows a routine (either her own or her baby’s!), and when demand feeding sometimes you just need to know what baby is demanding! Babies cry because they’re too hot/ too cold/ tired/ need a nappy change and of course when they are hungry. The Baby Feed Wheel can help with the latter, and can also help you recognise if your baby is having a ‘growth spurt’ and feeding more often.