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Angel Wholesale stocks Chiggs Wheels.

Monday, October 14th, 2013

We’re delighted to report that award winning wholesaler Angel Wholesale are selling Chiggs Baby Wheels- (the Baby Feed Wheel in blue, pink and lemon, and the Baby Medicine Wheel) on their website.

Angel Wholesale specialise in baby products from top baby brands, and are a one stop shop for nappy cake, baby shower and baby basket supplies. If you head to section ‘nappy cakes’ and then ’embellishments’ you can find each of the Baby Feed Wheels and the Baby Medicine Wheel. All Chiggs Wheels are available in single quantities from Angel Wholesale, but there are economies of scale, and savings to be made by buying them in larger quantities.

Angel Wholesale have won Online Business of the Year in the FSB Streamline UK business Awards 2013, and are currently shortlisted in the Nursery Industry Awards 2013 for Best Distributor and Wholesaler. They are happy to deal with all types of retailers from small to large, start-up to established business,so go on…take a look!

Designs on a business?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

I was talking, recently, to someone all about Chiggs and they asked if I had a background in design. The story behind the idea for the Baby Feed Wheel has been told before on this blog, but the short answer to that question is no!

I have  made cards for years- mainly cartoon style birthday cards for my Mum and Dad picturing an event or funny incident (like the time my Dad spent yonks in the kitchen cooking us all a full English breakfast, then tripped on his way to the dining table and dropped his plate of food all over the floor. The caption for that card was ‘Ready….Steady…Chuck!’ with apologies to the BBC for the blatant plagiarism of the daytime cookery show!)

I never could capture a good likeness of the family cat, though- my Mum always said my drawings of Emley made her look like a mouse.

Hull Daily MailThe design of the Baby Feed Wheel, Baby Medicine Wheel and the Get Well Wheel apart, my most recognised design triumph has to be Second Place in the Hull Daily Mail competition to design a football strip for Hull City (my team!) I went for a rather classic little number- mainly amber with black accents- and won a shirt for my endeavours. A photocopy of the competition results page from the Hull Daily Mail sits proudly next to the design patent certificates in my portfolio 🙂

May the Wheels be with you.

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

We have some events coming up in the month of May due to be attended by a variety of Chiggs stockists and their Chiggs Wheels!

Piglet’s Boutique has a stall displaying their baby gifts and gifts for mum, (Chiggs Wheels included!) at the Ladies Night being held at Market Weighton Social Club, East Yorkshire, on Wednesday the 9th of May. Tickets are £3 and include a drink- bargain!

Hello Baby Gifts will be attending the local produce and craft market at The Carfax, Horsham, West Sussex on Saturday the 12th of May and Saturday the 26th of May. Hello Baby also make up bespoke baby baskets and nappy cakes, so get in touch if you have any specific requirements.

ABF The Soldier’s Charity Spring Fair is to be held at Tennants Auctioneers in Leyburn,Wensleydale, North Yorkshire on Thursday the 17th of May and Little Pjs will have a stall selling their gorgeous nightwear and gifts including Chiggs Wheels. Little PJ’s will also be attending the Great Yorkshire Show here in Harrogate in July, but don’t worry, I’ll remind you nearer the time!

Don’t forget, if you are a stockist getting out and about with your Chiggs Wheels, let me know the details of the events for future posts.

 If you run a business and would like to purchase a bulk order of Baby Feed Wheels, Baby Medicine Wheels and/or Get Well Wheels further information can be found on the Trade and Wholesale page on the Chiggs website, and  if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

‘Right dose, right time’ – changes to Paracetamol dose guidelines for babies and children

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Children’s medicines are in the news again today, as a report on the Telegraph website says that parents should be cutting down on the doses of Paracetamol, such as Calpol, they give young children.

Until recently guidelines on bottles of childrens medicines suggested the same dose for children aged from 12 months to six years. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has now revised these recommendations, saying that with the “very wide age bands …younger children may have received a dose of paracetamol that was higher than necessary”.

The MHRA suggested that dosing be split into tighter age bands, reflecting the differences in weight and bodily development between a one-year-old baby and a six-year-old child, and given new recommended doses for children aged between 2 and 4. Doses have also been altered for babies, and the new guidelines have been incorporated on product packaging.

Chiggs recommends that for real peace of mind, parents also make sure they have a Baby Medicine Wheel or a Get Well Wheel close at hand. When the medicine is given (in the correct new dose of course!) parents can turn the dial to make a note of the time, and that way they can give the right dose of medicine, at the right time!


Chiggs go Dutch

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

We’re very pleased to announce that we have secured a distributor for Chiggs Wheels covering the Benelux area. Nursery shops and greeting card retailers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg are able to request trade information and purchase Chiggs Baby Feed Wheels, Baby Medicine Wheels and Get Well Wheels at wholesale rates from Babease/Verba.

Heidi, who runs Babease/Verba will be crossing the border from her business base in Belgium to exhibit Chiggs Wheels at the Pink and Blue Fair- the Dutch trade fair for baby and childrens products. Babease are on Stand BB13, and the show runs on Sunday the 25th of September (10-18.00) Monday the 26th of September (10-21.00- a long day!) and Tuesday the 27th of September (10-17.00) at Brabanthalle in Den Bosch (in Brabant, in the south of the country).

We’ve exhibited at trade shows ourselves, and know what hard work it is, so wish Heidi comfy shoes and a really successful show!

The (nursery) fair is coming to town!

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Activity at the Conference Centre

As I whizzed through town yesterday, I noticed lots of activity at the Harrogate Conference Centre, preparing for the  nursery industry’s favourite trade fair, which starts very soon on Sunday the 27th of March, and continues until Tuesday the 29th.

We have exhibited our Chiggs  Baby Feed Wheels and  Baby Medicine Wheels  twice previously at the  Harrogate Nursery Fair, and both fairs have been fantastic. It is always a pleasure to get out of Chiggs Towers and meet other businesses involved in the Nursery Industry, but the best part has been meeting the people running the businesses that sell Chiggs Wheels, and gaining new stockists.

 Much of our wholesale business is done over the internet, Chiggs can process trade enquiries, orders and payments from companies without having to meet, so having an exhibition stand at a trade fair such as the Harrogate Nursery Fair gave us an opportunity to meet, sometimes for the first time, people from companies that we had been doing business with for years!

Trade shows are also a great chance for us to introduce Chiggs Wheels to shops and etailers looking to stock innovative parenting products, and those looking to offer their customers something different:- new-baby must haves, products to add to a breastfeeding or bottlefeeding range or new baby congratulations cards that are actually useful for the new parents. Of course, the Baby Feed Wheel and the Baby Medicine Wheels tick all those boxes (and more 🙂 ) and we have found many new stockists through the trade fairs we have exhibited at.

While we are not exhibiting at the Nursery Fair this year (we’re hoping to do a greeting card/ gift fair later in the year, so that we can showcase our full range of Chiggs Wheels, including the ‘Get Well Wheel’ get well soon card), I’m looking forward to visiting- I will report back!

Nursery Fair Dates and opening times
Sunday 27th March 2011
9:30am – 6:00pm
Monday 28th March 2011
9:30am – 6:00pm
Tuesday 29th March 2011
9:30am – 4:00pm

Musings on Medicine

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I read in The Times newspaper this morning that parents are being warned not to give childen medicine with a teaspoon. This follows a study published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice that found that teaspoons can hold anything between 2.5ml and 7.3ml of medicine. As recommended doses are usually 1 or 2 lots of 5ml (depending on the medicine and the age of the child), using any old teaspoon from the cutlery drawer could put children at risk of an overdose. So it’s being recommended that parent make sure they use the 5ml measuring spoons usually provided, or a measuring syringe.

Children’s medicines such as Calpol, etc, also have a recommended time to wait between doses, usually 4 hours, and you have to adhere to these times, again to avoid overdosing. Which is why I designed the Baby Medicine Wheel (and Get Well Wheel for older children). You just rotate the numbered dial to the time the medicine is given, and you’ll know when the next dose can safely be administered.

If you’re looking after a poorly child (my sympathies, I’ve been there!) and would like the peace of mind a Baby Medicine Wheel (or Get Well Wheel) can give, they are available for a mere £3.99 (UK Postage and Packing is included in that price) from the Chiggs online shop or from some of our many stockists.

Only slightly off topic, I remember the first time I gave Holly medicine using a syringe. I didn’t realise how powerfully they can squirt, so I popped it into her mouth, firmly pushed the plunger, and wondered why she had a bit of a shocked look on her little face. I assummed it was something to do with her first taste of medicine- it was only when I was washing the syringe and saw the power of the jet of water squirt out that I realised why Holly had looked so startled!