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Get the tape measure out, new mums… apparently, big headed babies are brighter!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

According to scientists (is there a more chilling phrase?!) there is a link between the size of babies’ heads at birth, and their future success… larger head circumference and brain volume is associated with higher intelligence.

The finding is among the first made by UK Biobank, a long term study of 500,000 Britons to discover the links between their genes, their physical and mental health and their path through life.

“Highly significant associations were observed between the cognitive test scores in the UK Biobank sample and many polygenic profile scores, including . . . intracranial volume, infant head circumference and childhood cognitive ability,” said the researchers in a paper published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. (And no, I haven’t read the paper… I read an article in The Times newspaper 🙂 )

Incidentally, I have a teeny tiny head. When I worked as an Air Stewardess, I had an extra-small sized uniform hat, and still had to sew a lining of felt into the brim to get it to fit 🙂

Me in the galley of a 'plane In my very small Air Stewardess hat!

Me in the galley of a ‘plane In my very small Air Stewardess hat!

Air-born baby!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

A news article in The Times today caught my eye, telling of a little baby boy who was delivered at 1,000 ft in a search and rescue helicopter! The mother had gone into labour at her home on the island of Unst, (Britain’s most northerly inhabited island), and was being flown to  Lerwick when her 7lb baby boy was delivered mid-flight by a winchman paramedic.

In a previous life career I worked as an Air Stewardess, and we did have training in ’emergency childbirth’ which thankfully I never had to use (although I seem to remember it consisted mainly of supplying hot towels and asking over the PA System if there was a Doctor on board!)

 Congratulations to the family on their new addition, and I very much hope they take this wonderful opportunity to give the bairn an appropriate name (or middle name) to mark his dramatic entry into the world!