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New parents will be ‘appier with a Baby Feed Wheel

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Baby Feed WheelsThe Android and iPhone markets are awash with parenting apps to help new mums and dads track their baby’s feed times. The proliferation of these parenting applications leaves little doubt about the need for a feeding reminder in the homes of new babies, and the reassurance for parents of knowing the last time their little one had a feed.
The electronic world has recently discovered what we at Chiggs have known since 2005; that monitoring baby’s feed times helps to ease the stress of a new baby, be it the life changing experience of a firstborn, or the juggling of an existing family around the 24hr demands of a new addition.
As every parent knows, a baby’s feeds occur around the clock so having an accurate reminder of the previous feed helps parents decide whether another feed is due – especially when their new son or daughter is crying in the middle of the night.

So why, in this age of using the mobile phone for everything from barcode reader to video recorder, is the battery-free Baby Feed Wheel a better option?

Send it with love.  Baby Feed Wheel reverse

A Baby Feed Wheel can be given as a gift for new parents and can also be posted as a new baby card complete with a greeting on the reverse – it’s much more pleasant to give and receive! Each Baby Feed Wheel is supplied with an envelope, is printed with “to…” and “from…” on the reverse, and can be posted for just the cost of a normal stamp- ‘large letter’ stamp is not required!

Colour co-ordinated

With a choice of traditional colours, friends and family can give a blue, pink or lemon present to celebrate the new arrival.

Visibly betterBFW on mantelpiece

Smartphones tell the time, but in their homes people glance at the clock on the mantelpiece –which is the perfect place to put a Baby Feed Wheel!

How clean is your phone?

Mobile phones are handled in-between attending to babies needs, but a Baby Feed Wheel will only be used at the  time of baby’s feed – keep those nasty handset germs away from the little one.

…shower timeBaby Shower Wheel
It’s the perfect gift for a baby shower, and the lemon Wheel is ideal before the “reveal”.


All power to the Baby Feed Wheel!
(Oh, and it never needs recharging!)

Towie baby shower and nappy cake – pictures!

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Sarah from the wonderful Pure Nappy Cakes has very kindly let us show you some of the photos she took when delivering her stunning Nappy Cake centrepiece for ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ baby shower party.

Mum-to-be Billie Faiers with her spectacular 5 tier pink nappy cake

Pink Baby feed Wheel taking pride of place at the front of the gorgeous nappy cake.

Pink was certainly the theme for this baby shower!

Towie baby shower nappy cake includes a Baby Feed Wheel. Reem!

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

The cast of The Only Way Is Essex (known as Towie) are known for their love of a party, so what better excuse than a baby on the way? In the episode shown on ITV2 this evening (Sunday) Sam Faiers threw a glamorous baby shower for her expectant sister, Billie.

The real star of the show was the spectacular 5 tier nappy cake presented to the Mum-to-be, who was absolutely delighted with her gift.

The stunning pink party centrepiece was made by Chiggs stockist Pure Nappy Cakes and includes a host of baby essentials that the new Mum will find invaluable, including a pink Baby Feed Wheel!

Billie and her fiancée Greg have already thrown a ‘gender reveal’ party when they cut a cake to reveal the pink coloured sponge indicating they were expecting a baby girl.

If you’re ‘well jel’ of Billie, fear not, head over to the Pure Nappy Cakes website where you can purchase this and a whole range of gorgeous Nappy Cakes featuring Baby Feed Wheels.

Towie nappy cake

Towie nappy cake

Baby Shower Parties- help is at hand!

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

If you fancy a Baby Shower but are unsure about the logistics of organising one, there are companies who are on hand to throw a baby shower party for you. Chiggs stockist Hugs and Stuff, based in West Yorkshire, will do as much or as little as you like- from invites, catering, decoration and games, through to even sending out personalised thank you letters!

If you are in East Yorkshire, Piglet’s Boutique will bring a selection of their new baby and new mummy gifts ( such as, of course, Baby Feed Wheels!) so that you and your friends can do a spot of baby shower shopping in a relaxed environment- ie sitting in  a comfy chair with a glass of juice or something stronger!

For pregnant ladies in the Wirral/Merseyside area Vikki, a Chiggs stockist very appropriately named The Baby Shower Lady has everything needed to help you throw a perfect party, be it a budget bash or lavish Beckhamesque occasion!

And finally, if you are more into a Do-It-Yourself baby shower, many Chiggs stockists including previously mentioned Hugs and Stuff, and also Baby Shower Host and Baby Shower Centre have some free printable downloads with party checklists, baby shower games and menu suggestions. Cheers!

Baby showers (and plastic babies).

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Baby showers seem to be regarded as an American import but I think maybe it’s just the name rather than the concept that’s new- the idea of ladies getting together before an imminent arrival has been around for years.

When I was pregnant nearly a decade ago now (eep!) a friend organised a baby shower for me- it was just a get-together with a group of friends for a glass of wine (orange juice for me!) to have a bit of a chat, time to contemplate the changes that lay ahead, and I was lucky enough to receive some presents- posh toiletries for my hospital bag, and a lovely snuggly snow suit (December baby!) are a couple I remember.

When my friend herself was expecting a few years later, we had upped our game, and I pointed the organiser in the direction of Chiggs stockist Shower my Baby; so we had themed games, snacks, balloons, napkins and even little advice cards to fill in, passing on our ‘pearls of wisdom’ to the mum-to-be. For my part, the day before the ‘do’  I’d read about a game where little plastic baby-shaped favours are frozen in ice cubes, placed in everyone’s drinks, and the first person whose baby floats free shouts ‘my waters have broken’.

 ‘Fun fun fun’ I thought, but as I’d left it too late to buy the plastic babies, and with necessity being the mother of invention, I nabbed some of my daughter’s jelly babies to use. Reader, it was not a good idea. The sugar on the jelly babies turned our Chardonnay into a dessert wine, and the babies themselves formed a mussy sludge at the bottom of our glasses. We still drank the wine though. But learn from my error, and buy plastic babies!

As most people need little enough excuse for a party, unsuprisingly the baby shower industry continues to grow. The Baby Feed Wheel is a perfect pressie to give to an expectant Mum at her baby shower, and we have baby shower stockists selling Chiggs Wheels, with others adding Baby Feed Wheels to nappy cakes and baby hampers;- brilliant baby shower gifts.