Baby Shower Parties- help is at hand!

If you fancy a Baby Shower but are unsure about the logistics of organising one, there are companies who are on hand to throw a baby shower party for you. Chiggs stockist Hugs and Stuff, based in West Yorkshire, will do as much or as little as you like- from invites, catering, decoration and games, through to even sending out personalised thank you letters!

If you are in East Yorkshire, Piglet’s Boutique will bring a selection of their new baby and new mummy gifts ( such as, of course, Baby Feed Wheels!) so that you and your friends can do a spot of baby shower shopping in a relaxed environment- ie sitting in  a comfy chair with a glass of juice or something stronger!

For pregnant ladies in the Wirral/Merseyside area Vikki, a Chiggs stockist very appropriately named The Baby Shower Lady has everything needed to help you throw a perfect party, be it a budget bash or lavish Beckhamesque occasion!

And finally, if you are more into a Do-It-Yourself baby shower, many Chiggs stockists including previously mentioned Hugs and Stuff, and also Baby Shower Host and Baby Shower Centre have some free printable downloads with party checklists, baby shower games and menu suggestions. Cheers!

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