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Baby Feed Wheel reviews

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

There are some fabulous reviews of Baby Feed Wheels dotted around the web, so we’ve tried to bring as many as we can find all together in one place.

On Amazon the Pink Baby Feed Wheel was given 5 stars, with the reviewer noting that the couple she bought it for use it, so although given as a card, it’s useful too.

A blue Baby Feed Wheel was purchased to add to a new baby hamper, the reviewer said “It’s a simple idea but based on how frazzled I have seen new parents get, seems like an essential!”

On Mumsnet reviews, under ‘Gifts for New Parents’ the Baby Feed Wheel is awarded a whopping 5 stars out of 5 over 6 reviews with comments “This is great for any new mum… I used it especially after the birth of my daughter when I was really tired from all the sleepless nights & sleep deprivation.”

and “This is such a simple idea but absolutely fantastic. I thought it would be pointless ‘I’ll remember when I last fed her’ were my poor innocent pre-birth thoughts. And then the reality of life with a newborn kicked in and this really came into its own at night – def recommended! ”

On Bizziebaby where Lisa awarded the Baby Feed Wheel 5 out of 5, saying  “Quality is superb.  Extremely good value for money and would consider buying more and also as a gift.  Would recommend without hesitation.”

On the Chiggs website we have some lovely testimonials that people have sent us over the years by letter (remember those?!), email, and on Twitter and Facebook – “Can’t tell you how much these wheels helped our sanity when we had the twins! Simple but so effective – like all the best ideas!”

and… “We put the feeding wheel to immediate excellent use. It was a godsend in those early days when most of your brain has deserted you and remembering such a simple thing is beyond you! It’s a fantastic product and we have recommended it to many. Thanks.”… to quote just two!

Angel Wholesale stocks Chiggs Wheels.

Monday, October 14th, 2013

We’re delighted to report that award winning wholesaler Angel Wholesale are selling Chiggs Baby Wheels- (the Baby Feed Wheel in blue, pink and lemon, and the Baby Medicine Wheel) on their website.

Angel Wholesale specialise in baby products from top baby brands, and are a one stop shop for nappy cake, baby shower and baby basket supplies. If you head to section ‘nappy cakes’ and then ’embellishments’ you can find each of the Baby Feed Wheels and the Baby Medicine Wheel. All Chiggs Wheels are available in single quantities from Angel Wholesale, but there are economies of scale, and savings to be made by buying them in larger quantities.

Angel Wholesale have won Online Business of the Year in the FSB Streamline UK business Awards 2013, and are currently shortlisted in the Nursery Industry Awards 2013 for Best Distributor and Wholesaler. They are happy to deal with all types of retailers from small to large, start-up to established business,so go on…take a look!

Baby toy recall

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

A major toy recall has been put out for a baby toy that includes a ‘non-authorised’ coloured dye.

The ‘Start Your Senses Zebra’ has been for sale in major retailers such as Tesco, Asda, Mothercare and Amazon, who have all issued a product recall.

The toy, which is designed to be attached to buggies and cots, contains a colour including the chemical 4-Aminoazobenzine, also known as Aniline Yellow. This dye has a variety of industrial uses (computer printers, insecticides, paint) but is toxic, and shouldn’t be used in products that may be chewed by babies.

Parents are advised that if they have a Bright Starts ‘Start Your Senses Zebra’ with the code ‘Q’ followed by a four digit number, they should stop using it, and either return the product to the shop it was bought from for a refund, or contact the UK office of the company behind the Bright Stars brand; Kids II UK Ltd,  725 Capability Green, Luton Bedfordshire LU1 3LU, 01582 816080 .

This recall was issued in June 2013, and reached national news recently when the Daily Mail newspaper reported the issue after they had investigated.

Parents were advised to contact the UK office of the company, Kids II UK Ltd, which is based in Luton, Bedfordshire, for a refund.

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