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NHS to filter out pregnant smokers?

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

I read in The Times newspaper this week that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has recommended that midwives give women a carbon monoxide test in early pregnancy, to establish whether they are smoking or not. Apparently not all Mums-to-be  tell the truth about giving up smoking in pregnancy! The test will be a breath test, and women found to have high carbon monoxide readings will be referred to “smoking cessation services”.

Some members of  The Royal College of Midwives, however, are not keen on the idea, and The Times reported that a source said they feel such a test could damage  relations between women and their midwives. Cathy Warwick, chief executive of the RCM, said the test could help show women the potential damage to unborn babies, but said the final decision must lie with the woman.

What do you think? A sensible measure to try to reduce the 21% of women who smoke during pregnancy (risking low birth weight and associated health problems) or Nanny State gorn mad?

Royal baby bump watch is a growing phenomenon

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

The Daily Mail newspaper is running ‘Bump Watch’, ‘Now’ magazine has a Royal Bumpwatch and even Harper’s Bazaar is running a weekly Royal Babywatch – is this the shape of things to come?! With fewer than three months to the mid-July arrival of the royal baby, the august institution that is the British Press have turned their collective attention to the size of Kate’s bump. Expect more and more inches to be devoted to the Duchess of Cambridge’s tummy size over the coming weeks! I’m sure the experts will expand on the subject of the bump with speculation about whether Catherine is carrying to the front or all around, and if this means we can expect a baby boy or girl to arrive in the summer.

Being pregnant can be a tricky time, because obviously having a growing baby within is a personal event, but your visible bump can make it a public event- people you barely know want to touch your tummy, and they come out with the most bizarre and sometimes deeply unhelpful comments (in my case, at a Christmas ‘do’ a week and a half before my due date (and just 7 days before Chiglet was actually born) “good grief, haven’t you had that baby yet?” Er, no- or else I wouldn’t be standing amidst a partying group of glamorious Air Hostesses looking like a whale!).

So I can only image what it must be like to live out a pregnancy in front of the full glare of the world’s media. Hang in there Kate!