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Egg-cited to attend a local Easter Market

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

I’ve taken Chiggs Wheels on the road this week- a large local Harrogate business runs occasional ‘markets’ so their staff can browse and buy in their lunch hour. There are all sorts of local businesses in attendance- jewellery, greeting cards, the local Molton Brown shop has a stand and this time a lady was selling Easter bunny jumpers, too!

I’ve attended a couple of times before- we weren’t outside this time thankfully (it was snowing!)- and it’s always an enjoyable event. I like getting out and about, chatting to people and getting feedback about our products. One of the first ladies to visit the market came over to say that she’d bought a Baby Feed Wheel for her nephew at a previous market, and he said that it was the most useful thing they were bought- made my day!

Another lady was interested in the Baby Feed Wheel and made the comment that “surely baby tells you when they are hungry” Ah, well, that’s the point, I explained- they don’t! Babies cry because they are hungry, tired, cold, hot, need a nappy change- or are just that way out! The first thing most Mums and Dads do to narrow down the options is recall when the last feed was. If it was 40 minutes ago, try something else like a nappy change- if it was 3 hours ago, baby is most likely hungry. And that’s what the Baby Feed Wheel is for!

All the fun of the Fair

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Conference CentreI enjoyed a very interesting visit to the Harrogate Nursery Fair yesterday. It seems to get bigger every year with more and more exhibitors filling every single hall of the Conference Centre (which is quite the rabbit warren- good job there are lots of very helpful HIC employees to help you find your way- I needed help more than once!) I was also given a lanyard and badge with my name and company details on that is scanned on entry. This always makes me feel very important, and in keeping with the Harrogate trade conference tradition, I wore it all day, around town and everywhere 🙂

I stopped by Ruby and Ginger, a fellow Yorkshire company based in Leeds who had a really pretty stand. Although I’ve been tweeting with them for a while now, it was great to actually meet and see their lovely products ‘in the flesh’! Their cosy car seat cover for baby car seats was very popular with retail buyers, no doubt realising that babies will need some extra help to stay snuggly warm in this extended winter weather!

As usual, the trade fair was a mix of vast sprawling stands from the household names (with what must be mahoosive exhibition budgets!) and the ‘bijou’ stands of the smaller companies with smaller product ranges, and some new to the market. It’s always an interesting experience, the ‘baby’ industry is a great one to be part of- Chiggs is very lucky!

Today is the last day of the fair, with an earlier closing time of 4pm.

nursery fair

Harrogate Nursery Fair weather update

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Tomorrow is the opening day of the biggest trade fair in the Nursery Industry’s calendar, The Harrogate Nursery Fair at the International Conference Centre, Harrogate. Chiggs is fortunate to be based in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate, with Chiggs HQ being a mere mile up the road from the conference Centre- how convenient! 

Harrogate Nursery Fair weather reportAlthough spring has officially sprung, someone forgot to tell Mother Nature, and we seem to be in the grip of a new ice age in North Yorkshire at the moment! It snowed pretty much all day yesterday, and as I type this on Saturday morning the snow is still coming down accompanied by strong gusts of wind…brrrr!

The picture here is of our road- so you can see the volume of snow that has fallen on Harrogate in the last few hours!  The local roads in the area are very difficult, but the main roads in town are mostly clear. Here is a link to our local radio station, Stray Fm’s traffic and travel updates

 For those visitors flying in to the trade fair via Leeds Bradford Airport, however, the airport has been snow closed for periods over the last 36 hours with some delays, and it’s recommended that you check with your airline to get the latest updates- here is a link to the arrivals and departures updates on the Leeds Bradford Airport website.

If you are visiting or exhibiting, I hope you have a very successful show- Chiggs doesn’t have  an exhibition stand this year, but if you would like any trade information and a wholesale price for Chiggs Wheels, we have a trade enquiry form on the Chiggs website, or you can email us and we will be delighted to send details of our unique, patented new baby gifts and greeting cards!

Nursery Fair Dates and opening times 
Sunday 24th March 2013:  9:30am – 6:00pm;

Monday 25th March 2013:  9:30am – 6:00pm;

Tuesday 26th March 2013 : 9:30am – 4:00pm

Conception to Age 2

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

A report is due to be published tomorrow recommending that new mothers should be interviewed to see about how they are coping with parenthood in order to help them bond better with their babies. 

Government ministers have backed the proposals, under which health visitors will offer all mothers-to-be two interviews, one during pregnancy and a second when their babies are three to four months old. Mothers are free to opt out.

The first interview will try to establish if there are any difficult circumstances at home; relationship problems, heavy drinking, or if Conception to Age 2the mother appears ambivalent about the new baby.

A postnatal interview will also be offered, looking at quality of interaction between the mother and baby. The report’s authors say that for many mums, this will be a confidence-building exercise to reinforce a strong bond, but that any parent who is clearly struggling would be referred to a specialist service.

A third follow-up interview could be held with parents considered to be having difficulty interacting with their baby would take place when baby is 12 to 15 months old.

The report, due out tomorrow is called Conception to Age 2 — The Age of Opportunity, and has been written by two experts on early development. It has the support of the Department for Education and Department of Health, and its findings have been endorsed by Elizabeth Truss, the Children’s Minister.

My questions- but will it actually work in practice? Many parents I know rarely receive the letter inviting them to their baby’s 12 month check-up before the baby is approaching 18 months old.

What will happen to the information given? Would a parent-to-be disclose information about, eg, a family member drinking heavily if that information would be kept on record?

And appropriately enough on Budget Day- where will the funding come from?