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Great service whatever the weather

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Two blog posts in two days- once I get going there’s no stopping me! I wanted to share a lovely email that came through on Tuesday

Harrogate Postman making his way through the snow on The Stray!

Dear Chiggs
My order arrived safely yesterday despite the nasty weather.  Great service.  Thank you

Well, firstly, it’s an absolute pleasure, we take customer service very seriously here at Chiggs, (both for customers buying Chiggs Wheels through the Chiggs online shop, and our trade and wholesale customers buying Chiggs Wheels to sell through their shops!)

Secondly, what a super email to receive- I do appreciate our happy customer taking the time to send us such a lovely message.

And thirdly, well done to the Royal Mail Posties, too! We’ve had some pretty heavy snowfalls here in North Yorkshire over the last couple of weeks, and yet here at Chiggs HQ we haven’t missed a single delivery, even on Monday when the schools here were all closed for a “snow day”, our postman delivered (although not wearing his customary shorts on that day, I noticed!)

Midwifery services may be “pushed” according to the Royal College of Midwives!

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has warned that maternity services in parts of the UK are being ‘stretched’.

 The second annual State of Maternity Services report, published yesterday, says a baby boom in England (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have slowed down somewhat),  means that the birth rate in England it now stands at it’s highest level since 1971.

Coupled with a national shortage of midwives, some maternity services are struggling to provide the service they would like:-According to the report, 20% of  women did not feel supported by the NHS during their pregnancy and birth, while 40% of women had always seen a different midwife during their most recent pregnancy.

It’s not all bad news,  the report highlights that as in some areas the baby boom has run out of steam, Scotland and Northern Ireland have no overall shortage of midwives, and the shortage the report identifies in Wales should easily be eliminated.

One way the gap in maternity services may be filled in the near future, is by an increase in the number of newly qualified midwives. Anglia Ruskin University say it has had an 11% increase in applicants for the BSc (Hons) midwifery course with, they say, many applicants citing the BBC TV programme Call The Midwife as their inspiration. I can’t help but think that someone considering a career in modern midwifery might want to use Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute as a point of reference, rather than the more romanticised 1950’s Call the Midwife version of the job!

The report from The Royal College of Midwives itself is really interesting, and can be read here.

New Facebook regs, and a recommendation.

Monday, January 14th, 2013

A new Facebook rule comes in to force tomorrow that will affect business pages. Facebook have always had rules about the content of the overlay writing allowed on the cover photo for business pages, such as 

no price, discounts or purchase information, (eg 22% off)

No  contact details- website address, email, mailing address etc should be put in your page ‘About’ section rather than printed on the cover image

You can’t refer to Facebook features – so no putting a big arrow on your cover picture pointing to the ‘Like’ button.

The new rule that comes in to force tomorrow (15th January) limits the amount of writing you can put on your cover picture to 20% (or one fifth of the total area).

I’ve been playing with a free picture editor called PicMonkey ( ) It’s really easy to use (if I can, anyone can!) and makes it very easy to crop photos and add wording. I made a collage for the Chiggs Wheels facebook page cover, and added some text (hopefully adhering to the new regulations!) to a picture of Windsor Castle to use as a cover for the A Royal Baby Blog facebook page and Google+ page . I can recommend Picmonkey for ease of use, and great results. If your Facebook cover page needs changing to keep in line with the new facebook rules, take a look.

Let’s stick together (Ad here…)

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

I wrote about the CANParenting scheme here on the Chiggs blog back in May 2012, and now I hear news of a new scheme aimed at parents, this time focusing on the strain that a new baby can place on parent’s relationships.

Originally based in the Bristol area of the UK, ‘Let’s stick together’ provides one hour advice sessions as part of antenatal and postnatal groups.

The sessions highlight 3 principles for parents- bad habits, good habits and friendship. Parents are encouraged to recognise the bad habits that a couple coping with a new baby can fall into, using the ‘STOP’ signs- Scoring points, Thinking the worst, Opting out and Putting down.

The programme was originally set up by a former Royal Navy helicopter pilot, a father of 6 with a psychology degree, and has proved successful enough to secure half a million pounds worth of funding from the Department for Education.

Let’s stick together is being taken over by Care for the Family, which has a national network, so programmes have already started in the South West, West Midlands and Bedfordshire before expanding across the UK in the summer.

More information can be found at