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Baby showers (and plastic babies).

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Baby showers seem to be regarded as an American import but I think maybe it’s just the name rather than the concept that’s new- the idea of ladies getting together before an imminent arrival has been around for years.

When I was pregnant nearly a decade ago now (eep!) a friend organised a baby shower for me- it was just a get-together with a group of friends for a glass of wine (orange juice for me!) to have a bit of a chat, time to contemplate the changes that lay ahead, and I was lucky enough to receive some presents- posh toiletries for my hospital bag, and a lovely snuggly snow suit (December baby!) are a couple I remember.

When my friend herself was expecting a few years later, we had upped our game, and I pointed the organiser in the direction of Chiggs stockist Shower my Baby; so we had themed games, snacks, balloons, napkins and even little advice cards to fill in, passing on our ‘pearls of wisdom’ to the mum-to-be. For my part, the day before the ‘do’  I’d read about a game where little plastic baby-shaped favours are frozen in ice cubes, placed in everyone’s drinks, and the first person whose baby floats free shouts ‘my waters have broken’.

 ‘Fun fun fun’ I thought, but as I’d left it too late to buy the plastic babies, and with necessity being the mother of invention, I nabbed some of my daughter’s jelly babies to use. Reader, it was not a good idea. The sugar on the jelly babies turned our Chardonnay into a dessert wine, and the babies themselves formed a mussy sludge at the bottom of our glasses. We still drank the wine though. But learn from my error, and buy plastic babies!

As most people need little enough excuse for a party, unsuprisingly the baby shower industry continues to grow. The Baby Feed Wheel is a perfect pressie to give to an expectant Mum at her baby shower, and we have baby shower stockists selling Chiggs Wheels, with others adding Baby Feed Wheels to nappy cakes and baby hampers;- brilliant baby shower gifts.

Baby’s feed time? It’s in the (hospital) bag!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

I’ve been reading a fascinating discussion on the Bounty Club Facebook page- ‘what should you pack in your Hospital Bag?’. It was a hugely popular topic- lots and lots of new mums shared their ‘should take this’ and ‘don’t need that’ tips, while mums-to-be described the contents of  bags lurking in halls across the country waiting to be grabbed excitedly and rushed to the labour ward.

There are over 230 comments, and if you packed every item suggested by everyone, you would need a fork-lift truck to wheel your hospital bag into the delivery suite!

Obviously, some must-have items varied according to circumstance; mums who’d given birth in winter suggested blankets and socks to keep feet warm while in labour, and mums of summer babies suggested cooling face spray and a hand held fan!

One mum who had recently had a baby suggested to the pregnant ladies that they should pack a notepad and pen so they could note down baby’s feed times- she said it was always embarassing when the midwife would come round the ward and ask what time her baby had last fed, and she couldn’t remember.

Solution:- a far easier way to keep a note of the time your baby has a feed is a Baby Feed Wheel! No worrying about your pen rolling under the bed or running out of ink- just turn the dial so the time baby has a feed shows in the ‘window’ and you’ll always have the answer when the midwife comes round to check on baby’s feeds.

I hereby nominate the Chiggs Baby Feed Wheel as an essential item to pack in a hospital bag!