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Musings on Medicine

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I read in The Times newspaper this morning that parents are being warned not to give childen medicine with a teaspoon. This follows a study published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice that found that teaspoons can hold anything between 2.5ml and 7.3ml of medicine. As recommended doses are usually 1 or 2 lots of 5ml (depending on the medicine and the age of the child), using any old teaspoon from the cutlery drawer could put children at risk of an overdose. So it’s being recommended that parent make sure they use the 5ml measuring spoons usually provided, or a measuring syringe.

Children’s medicines such as Calpol, etc, also have a recommended time to wait between doses, usually 4 hours, and you have to adhere to these times, again to avoid overdosing. Which is why I designed the Baby Medicine Wheel (and Get Well Wheel for older children). You just rotate the numbered dial to the time the medicine is given, and you’ll know when the next dose can safely be administered.

If you’re looking after a poorly child (my sympathies, I’ve been there!) and would like the peace of mind a Baby Medicine Wheel (or Get Well Wheel) can give, they are available for a mere £3.99 (UK Postage and Packing is included in that price) from the Chiggs online shop or from some of our many stockists.

Only slightly off topic, I remember the first time I gave Holly medicine using a syringe. I didn’t realise how powerfully they can squirt, so I popped it into her mouth, firmly pushed the plunger, and wondered why she had a bit of a shocked look on her little face. I assummed it was something to do with her first taste of medicine- it was only when I was washing the syringe and saw the power of the jet of water squirt out that I realised why Holly had looked so startled!

Keep the customer satisfied

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

We’ve been selling Chiggs Wheels since 2005, so have plenty of  knowledge of how challenging it can be to get visitors to your website or into your shop! I’m sure that those of you running a shop, be it online or ‘bricks and mortar’ will agree that it makes sense, then, to give those visitors the ‘complete’ customer experience- make them happy and (heck, why not) increase the amount they spend with you.

For example, if a retailer sells presents for a new baby, or new mum gifts, the customers buying these will certainly want to send a card to the new parents, too.

And this is where we at Chiggs can help (bet you knew that was coming, didn’t you?!) Whether a nursery shop, baby boutique, lifestyle store or a party planner, adding the Baby Feed Wheel to your range works a treat. This Chiggs product is a stand-alone, useful parenting product that new parents buy for themselves to help keep track of baby’s feeds- even buying it before the baby is born to add to their hospital bag. As the Baby Feed Wheel also has “to” and “from” printed on the reverse, and is supplied with an envelope so it can be sent as a new baby congratulations card, it can also be offered as an add-on sale to a customer buying a new baby gift. It saves them the effort of finding another shop or website to buy a card- a retailer can both maximise sales, and increase their customer’s shopping experience by saving that customer time and money. Everyone’s happy :-)!!

If you are a retailer who would like to add Chiggs Wheels to your product range, we’ll be delighted to send you our trade price and terms- please get in touch via the trade enquiry form on the Chiggs website.

(PS apologies to both Simon and Garfunkel for plagiarising their song title for the title of this post!)