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Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The Baby Feed Wheel is not about scheduling the time of your baby’s next feed- it’s simply about quickly and easily keeping a note of the time of baby’s last milk feed.

When I was breastfeeding  Holly, like many, many Mums (whether breastfeeding or bottlefeeding) I would jot down her feed times on scraps of paper (which I would promptly misplace). This, of course was before the Baby Feed Wheel existed, and I was a first time mum wanting to feel even a tiny bit organised in dealing with this little person!

It’s every mum’s choice whether she feeds on demand or follows a routine (either her own or her baby’s!), and when demand feeding sometimes you just need to know what baby is demanding! Babies cry because they’re too hot/ too cold/ tired/ need a nappy change and of course when they are hungry. The Baby Feed Wheel can help with the latter, and can also help you recognise if your baby is having a ‘growth spurt’ and feeding more often.