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Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The Chiggs Wheels range was completed (for now- watch this space, as I’m always working on new ideas!) with the Get Well Wheel. My husband Andrew’s Gran asked to have a Baby Medicine Wheel so she could use it to keep track of the cholesterol tablets she takes on a daily basis. Even during the design process for the Baby Medicine Wheel I realised that the concept would be useful for everyone, and Grandma Winnie’s request spurred me on!

The design of the Get Well Wheel actually took longer than the other Wheels, mainly because I got fixated with a

Sorry you’re ill

Time of Last Pill

rhyming couplet which, frankly, was never going to fit on the front of the card, and also because for a while I couldn’t find an embellishment I was happy with.

Eventually it all clicked into place, with the Get Well Wheel designed as a neutral cream card with a red hot water bottle embellishment, and ‘Time of Last medicine’ printed on the front. To appeal to our greeting card shop stockists who sell the Baby Feed Wheel as a (useful!) new baby congratulations card, the Get Well Wheel is supplied with an envelope so that it’s a (useful!) get well soon card- far more practical than a bunch of grapes!

While designing and developing these new products to increase the Chiggs range, we have continued to focus on the wholesale and trade side of the business. Features in trade magazines such as Gift Focus Magazine (pictured below)  launching the Get Well Wheel have helped us build up the number of greeting card shops selling Chiggs Wheels, adding to the nursery/baby shops and online retailers already selling our products.