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It’s one thing having an idea, but…

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

So I had the idea – now what to do? I had no experience of running a business, or of bringing a brand new, never before seen parenting product to market. My previous job of Air Stewardess hadn’t given me business experience – manning an emergency exit, yes, but product development, patents, production, branding, sales and marketing… not so much!

There was an uphill task ahead, but I knew the idea of the Baby Feed Wheel was too good not to take further, so spent the next couple of months researching, researching and researching some more. By November, I had finalised the design, and adding “To” and “From” on the back of the card turned a really useful baby product into a really useful baby product that can also be sent as a new baby gift or present for new parents; just as I had originally made for my friend in October.

Once the design was finalised, embellishment selected (a shiny silver pram) and colours chosen (blue for a boy, pink for a girl, and neutral lemon), I made a prototype and contacted the Patent Office.

This was quite a scary moment, as although I was sure through my research the idea was unique, applying for a patent would be the moment of truth. When I spoke to a very nice man at the Patent Office, and described the Baby Feed Wheel, he said “I don’t think we have a category for this” so he made one!

That’s when I knew the Baby Feed Wheel was unique.

How Chiggs started

Monday, February 8th, 2010

It all began way back in October 2005 when we were visiting  good friends of ours who had just had a new little baby.  They had the sort of conversation I remembered well from our sleep deprived days after Holly was born:-

 ” He’s crying, I think he’s hungry”

 “Well, when did you feed him?”

 “I think it was when Neighbours was starting”

 “No, that was yesterday, today you were feeding him when I popped out to the shop”

 “You haven’t been to the shop today”.

It was exactly how we were in the hazy days of new parenthood, when I resorted to writing all Holly’s feed times down on pieces of paper!

I jokingly suggested that our friends should use a car parking disc to set the time whenever he had a feed.  A couple of days later I took round a little ‘homemade’ version (covered in blue paper with a little picture stuck on the front!). And Voila! the Baby Feed Wheel was born!

Who we are and where we are!

Monday, February 1st, 2010

I’m Elizabeth and I run Chiggs. I’m wife to Andy and mum to Holly (age 7 and good at it!)  The business is based at home, so there are many words to describe who I am and what I do – Work at Home Mum (Wahm), Mumpreneur, Kitchen Table entrepreneur etc. etc. I’m rather partial to Managing Director, so much so I’ve had it printed on my business cards. I have stopped short of purchasing a nifty gold name plate to put in the office (or on the coffee table, or dining room table, or the waiting room outside my daughter’s ballet class, or wherever I happen to be working at the time!) 

Chiggs is based in the beautiful town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. It’s  a lovely, picturesque town with a wide variety of individual, independent retailers – some of which, (including Lemontree Gifts, Magpie Greetings and Beach Studio) we are very proud to say sell Chiggs Wheels


Monday, February 1st, 2010

Hello! And welcome to our brand new Chiggs blog.

I’m going to tell you a little about my business, our products and also introduce some of the lovely companies who sell Chiggs Wheels.